By Diamonds are for everyone

Your Piece Your Way

Creating bespoke jewellery with diamonds celebrates individuality and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone can embrace the beauty of custom-made pieces. From classic engagement rings to exquisite earrings, bespoke designs offer a unique canvas for personal expression. Regardless of budget or taste, bespoke jewellers collaborate closely with clients to bring their visions to life, incorporating diamonds of diverse cuts, colours, and clarities.

This process empowers individuals to craft pieces that resonate with their personalities and reflect their stories. Each bespoke creation becomes a cherished heirloom, symbolizing love, accomplishment, or simply a moment of self-indulgence. Moreover, bespoke jewellery transcends conventional standards, welcoming diverse preferences and cultural influences.

In a world where uniqueness is valued, bespoke diamond jewellery represents a fusion of artistry and individuality, accessible to all who seek it. Whether it's a statement pendant or a delicate bracelet, the journey of creating bespoke jewellery with diamonds becomes an enriching experience, culminating in a timeless masterpiece that embodies the essence of its wearer.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

Do you have a treasure in mind that you'd like to create in Dafe's signature style? Whether it's a twist on an existing design with alternate stones or a fresh concept from your imagination, our Bespoke Service will make it a reality! While we accommodate most budgets, please note our Bespoke commissions are exclusive to 18ct gold or platinum.

Design & Production

The journey is easygoing, yet filled with creativity, and we're here to offer as much guidance as you require or assist in refining your idea. Each commission has a process as unique as its final result. We might kick things off with an initial sketch, create a 3d model, or in some instances, dive directly into working with precious metals.


Over the years, the Bespoke team has crafted many breathtaking pieces, showcasing our commitment to excellence. From engagement rings to necklaces, each creation embodies our passion and precision, reflecting the unique stories of our clients.